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Leasing Benefits

  • Preserve Assets
    By leasing, your company can free up precious capital assets to be allocated where needed.
  • Protect Credit Resources
    Valuable credit lines can be reserved for other business interests.
  • Budget Allocations/Planning
    Low leasing costs – for a fixed time – allows more flexible monthly budgeting and planning for your company’s requirements.
  • Inflation Advantages
    Although inflation is low today, it can still be advantageous to pay with future dollars depending upon your company’s cash position.
  • Productive Equipment
    By leasing modern equipment, your company will enjoy increased production and cost efficienciees keeping it more competitive.
  • Just-In-Time Leasing
    You can have the equipment when you need it to meet production requirements.
  • Avoid large down payments/outlays
    Your company will get the equivalent of 100% financing because leasing requires no down payment at Union.
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